Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

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Kiwi Simulators is the perfect place for your heavy vehicle license training. We’re the leading producer of driving simulation equipment, and we offer Class 1 driver training, driver training Class 2, and Class 3 training as well.

Whether it’s your goal to drive light-duty or heavy-duty trucks professionally, practicing in our simulators will gear you up for passing your driver’s test.


What Is Truck Driver Training?

At Kiwi Simulators, our truck driving simulators will train you at driving so you can obtain your Class 1 through Class 3 license. During our simulated driving experiences, you climb behind the wheel of one of our completely lifelike simulators.

The simulator has everything you need for comfortable driving, from elbow covers to a carbon fibre seat, forced-feedback steering, and real accelerator and brake pedals. You can configure the buttons on the dashboard to your preferences.

All simulators feature our race control software to give you a driving experience conducive to earning your truck driving license. The realism of our heavy vehicle license training is such that pro drivers have used our simulators to finesse their skills.

The best part about truck driver training is how you can come to our Kiwi Simulators facility to practice, or we can bring our simulators to you, whichever works best!

The Benefits of Using a Truck Driver Simulator for Training

Doing your heaving vehicle training at Kiwi Simulators is far more advantageous than practising in a real truck.

One of the top benefits is that you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get your hands on a commercial-grade truck. You know you have a reliable means of practising in our simulators.

It’s also a lot safer to practice in one of our simulators than it is to hit the open road in a truck when you’re still figuring out the ins and outs. You don’t have to worry about potential accidents and damaging the truck since our simulators don’t physically move. You just get the sensation of movement due to how ultra-lifelike our simulators are!

Gaining Off-Road Truck Driving Experience

Practising for your Class 1 driver training at Kiwi Simulators is also a fantastic way to gain off-road truck driving experience. Our virtual courses can simulate any type of driving conditions, from hairpin turns to tight parking lots. If you want snowy or rainy weather, we can make it happen without putting you outside in actual inclement weather.

You’ll feel ready for off-roading when you practice with us!

Truck Driving Training Modules

The range of truck driving training modules we offer at Kiwi Simulators is suitable for anyone aspiring to earn their Class 1 through Class 3 truck driving licenses.

Our modules include beginner lessons for those just starting out and eager to accrue as much experience as they can get. We also offer more difficult training modules too so you can master all the driving concepts needed to pass your heavy vehicle training.

Can I Get My License from a Simulated Truck Driving Test?

If you practice driving using our simulators, can you pass your real driving test and earn your license? You most certainly can!

The driving simulators at Kiwi Simulators are designed to make your driving experience so lifelike that you’ll swear you’re behind the wheel of an actual car (or, in your case, a heavy-duty truck).

With all the time you’ll have to practice in our truck driving simulators, you’ll feel ready to take your test and pass with flying colours. When you rent or buy one of our hyper-realistic driving simulators, you can practice to your heart’s content!