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Racing simulators are for car enthusiasts who want to take their fandom to the next level. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to drive a V8 Supercar or feel like a Formula One champion, our interactive driving simulators can immerse you firsthand into the heart-pounding world of motorsports.

With Kiwi Simulators, we have lifelike race simulators featuring dashboards complete with programmable buttons. The steering wheel and other components are just like the ones used by real race drivers, and the sim racing tracks will make you feel as though you are participating in a real race.

Our cars also boast all the features that make a racing simulation feel lifelike, such as force feedback steering wheels, a sequential shifter, a paddle shifter, and of course, accelerator and brake pedals. You can even customize your driving simulator to match your own luxury vehicle, giving you an experience of what it is really like to have no limits.

If you’ve only ever experienced racing through video games on the PlayStation or Xbox, Kiwi Simulators will be a gamechanger. Far more than a video game such as those played on a TV with a clunky controller, our race simulators provide a more immersive and realistic experience. By using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced sim software we can create the authentic driving experience you crave for next level entertainment.

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How Do Racing Simulators Work?

A racing simulator takes the idea of driving a car to a much more in-depth and serious level. Designed to replicate real world physics variables such as tyre grip, traction and aerodynamics, our simulators create the most accurate representation of driving dynamics possible.

We customize all our driving sim experiences to your skill level so beginners can enjoy themselves while learning a thing or two as well. Once you work your way up to our pro levels, the driving will be harder but more rewarding.

Racing Simulators for Your Home

You can even experience the excitement at home with our driving simulation equipment. We give you the freedom to customise the features of your race simulator in much the same way that today’s world-class drivers fine-tune their vehicles before a race.

In fact, we can customise your driving simulator to match your favourite luxury vehicle or race car, right down to the small features such as your choice of colour and race team livery. Contact our team to learn more about how our racing simulators can be customised and to place your order.

Racing Simulators for Events

Our racing simulators are perfect for events like Christmas parties, trade shows, conferences, and other corporate activities.

Do you want your employees to think you’re the best boss ever? You can even teach team-building skills in a whole new and more engaging way with a day of adrenaline-filled sim racing provided by Kiwi Simulators at your office or event venue.

Our racing fun is also perfect for stag-dos, birthday parties, and professional events such as trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. We'll bring our race car simulators to your premises or event venue nationwide, making us the perfect choice for customer entertainment or pulling a crowd to your stand at your next conference or trade show.

Racing Simulators for Gifts and Experiences

If you aren’t into racing yourself but know someone who would be thrilled to try our racing simulators, a gift card from Kiwi Simulators makes the perfect gift. If you’re considering giving someone the gift of an in-home racing simulator but aren’t sure it’s the right gift, providing them with a gift certificate for a one- time racing experience gives them a taste of the action before you invest.

Racing alone is never as fun as competing with a friend. Bring along your best friend or that client you’re trying to impress to share in the immersive experience. You can compete against each other to see who has the fastest lap time!

Racing Simulators for Training

Our racing simulators are beloved for the fun that is the (virtual) rubber meeting the road, but they’re instructional as well. Pro drivers use our sim racers to improve their skills on the track, so you can certainly learn new skills and test your abilities through our training that you can’t pick up anywhere else. Kiwi Simulators offer one-on-one race driver training to help you get the best out of yourself for when you next hit the track!