Race Car Driver Training

Race Car Driver Training

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Race car drivers aren’t born, they’re made. If it’s always been your dream to be a racing champion like the kind you see on NASCAR or in Formula One, you need to put in the work and training.

At Kiwi Simulators, our race car driver training NZ is the perfect solution allowing you to master everything there is to know about racing with the aim of improving your lap times and consistency - be it for your real-world racing or even racing in the virtual world.

Come to our showroom in Manukau City, Auckland for one-on-one driver training to help you achieve your goals!

What Is Race Car Driver Training?

Our race car driver training at Kiwi Simulators uses bonafide training software to help you to analyse and assess your driving performance like a professional racer would. You’ll sit in one of our simulators complete with realistic feeling brake and accelerator pedals as well as a force-feedback steering wheel just like what the pros use for their virtual racing as well as real-world training.

You can configure the programmable dashboard your way, with our race control software, and with our driver coaches, you should learn some new tricks of the trade.

Kiwi Simulators has trained many aspiring race car drivers, helping them achieve a new level of proficiency. If you want to become a race car driver, polish your race craft, or gain a competitive advantage before heading to a race circuit new to you, a training session at Kiwi Simulators is highly recommended.

The Benefits of Using a Race Car Driver Simulator for Training

Training in our race car simulators at Kiwi Simulators is a fantastic choice for aspiring drivers. You don’t have to worry about finding a race car to practice in, as our simulators look and feel like a real race vehicle. They feature high-quality components that you’d expect to find in a real race car.

You don’t have to worry about crashing like you would when driving a real race car. In our simulators, if you crash on the course, you’re uninjured and your simulator is fine too.

You can also practice in a no-pressure environment so you can concentrate on the technical aspects of what you’re trying to achieve. One of the key benefits is that training at Kiwi Simulator is a lot cheaper than enrolling in race car driving training schools, even though we offer an instructor to teach you how to use the racing simulator and improve your skills, and there is no wear and tear on your race car.

Race Car Driving Training Sessions

With Kiwi Simulators, we know that those who choose to join us in our race car driver training sessions come from all sorts of experience levels. That’s why we tailor your training session as much as we possibly can to suit each individual driver’s skills and objectives.

We work with you to help you improve your skills which should see you be more consistent on the race track and your lap times improve accordingly.