Formula 1 Racing Experience

Formula 1 Racing Experience

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You never miss a Formula 1 race, and it’s always been your dream to drive a track just like the F1 pros use. At Kiwi Simulators, we’ll make your dreams come true with our lifelike F1 simulator that is as real as it gets, right down to the steering wheels and pedals.

What is Formula 1?

Formula 1 racing has made its mark in the world of motorsports due to its distinct style since the 1950s.

Our Formula 1 racing simulators at Kiwi Simulators replicate everything you love about F1 racing. Like real Formula 1 cars, ours are single-seater race car simulators. Our simulators also have the sporty shapes, bright colours, and incredibly customisable controls that you’d find in a real F1 car.

All our factory-assembled race vehicles include high-gloss automotive paint in hues like Race Black or Rosso Red. The steering wheel ought to look very familiar to you, as it’s a replica of what real Formula 1 drivers use. Between that and the programmable buttons on the racing-style steering wheel, you’ll feel like you’re competing in an F1 race like a pro.

The Benefits of F1 Racing Simulators vs. a Trackside Experience

Taking a spin in our Formula 1 simulator is arguably better than a trackside experience, because you are the driver at Kiwi Simulators and that is much more thrilling. Even if you’ve ever been one of the very few in the world that has had the fortune of letting a professional F1 driver take you around the course, you still can’t put your hands on the steering wheel yourself.

That’s not the case at Kiwi Simulators. You drive, you steer, and you brake. When you cross the finish line, that glorious feeling of victory is one that you alone taste.

It’s these moments of firsthand fun that a trackside experience can’t come close to matching. That’s why Kiwi Simulator’s F1 racing sims are the most innovative and sought after.

What Does the F1 Racing Simulator Package Include?

Do you want to secure your slot for your F1 simulator experience gift voucher? That’s a good idea considering that spots fill up fast.

We have 3 best in class products that you will enjoy:

  • 1 hour session broken down into 2x 20-30 minute runs
  • 2 hour sessions broken down into 4x 20-30 minute runs
  • 1:1 Coaching from experienced race car drivers

If you are part of a larger group please get in touch to discuss your options to hire a Formula 1 racing experience and a customised quote.

What Are the Best Formula 1 Race Tracks?

The only Formula 1 race tracks that come close to the real deal are those at Kiwi Simulators. Even if you’re completely new to simulator racing, our pre-installed courses are designed for drivers of all skill levels, beginners included. After lapping around on a few of our easy courses, you’ll feel like a pro in no time, ready to race others and beat each other’s lap times.

Are you looking for something a little more difficult? We have harder courses for the seasoned driver who wants tight turns and challenging curves. Achieving victory will be that much sweeter - it always is at Monaco and Monza!

Can I Buy an F1 Simulator?

Who says the racing fun has to stop? Our F1 simulators are for sale at Kiwi Simulators so you can bring home your very own F1 simulator. Instead of playing a Formula 1 video game, you can race in one of our vehicles on pre-selected courses whenever you want from the comfort of your own home. Our Formula 1 racing sims are also completely customisable, with a vast array of accessories, options, and software packages available.

To learn about our F1 simulators for sale, give us a call or send us an email .