Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties

Christmas is all about togetherness, but you’re tired of the same old parties at someone’s house. This year, if you’re looking for a Christmas party activity outside of the norm, Kiwi Simulators is perfect for your event.

As the leading New Zealand supplier of sim racing equipment, we can help your Christmas party in Auckland - or anywhere in the country for that matter - be not just the talk of the rest of this year, but well into the next year as well. If you have a lot of buddies that love racing as much as you do, our racing sims are the perfect entertainment for your Christmas party. That said, you don’t have to be into motorsport to participate and enjoy the experience either.

Car Simulators at Christmas Parties

Kiwi Simulators’ car simulators will jazz up any one of the Christmas party venues available in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. Drivers sit in one of our simulators and race on tracks that are as true to life as it gets besides visiting the track itself. If you have racing enthusiasts in the family, on your staff, or amongst your customers, this is the perfect way to spend a memorable Christmas party together.

Our simulators are far more detailed than what you find in any racing video game, and they’re better than visiting the track since you get to drive. A video game or sitting trackside cannot compare to the immersive, interactive experience that our racing simulator equipment and software provides.

Of course, since it is Christmas, you want everyone to have a good time. The simulators at Kiwi Simulators are suitable for drivers of all experience levels, as we have a range of race circuits to suit everyone. Our simulators can be fully adjusted between races to accommodate drivers of all shapes and sizes.

What Does a Christmas Party Package Include?

Here at Kiwi Simulators, we want your Christmas party to be the best it can be. Our Christmas packages are part of the reason we’ve been voted as one of the top race car simulators in the world by Sim Race Magazine.

What Type of Car Racing Simulators Can I Hire for My Christmas Party?

We have a world-class simulator at your disposal in the form of the proven Hyper Stimulator race car simulator - up to four of them, in fact, depending on your event size. This is a perfect blend of a realistic and fun racing experience.

The Hyper Stimulator race car simulator experience

The Hyper Stimulator sim racer is suitable for a complete novice or the driver who knows what they’re doing but doesn’t yet consider themselves a seasoned veteran, making it the perfect option for those used to an interactive video game environment. At the same time, there are courses of every difficulty level so that even beginners can have fun with our racing simulators.

The force feedback steering wheel included in this simulator is like what the pros use. Stainless steel gear flippers look great and work seamlessly while realistic feeling pedals put you in control and hopefully keep you there. The pedals, and steering wheel can be adjusted between races to accommodate multiple drivers of different shapes and heights so that everyone at the party can join in on the fun.

With decals on the chassis and high-quality race-spec wheels and pedals, you’ll feel like a true racing champion in the Hyper Stimulator race car simulator.

How Many People Can Drive for a Christmas Party?

At Kiwi Simulators, we welcome as many drivers who are interested in simulated racing as possible. Our simulators are meant for single drivers and we can provide four at a time when we deliver our simulators to your Christmas party or to any other event that you have in mind.

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