Car Racing Simulator

Kiwi Simulator brings the breath-taking action of racing to you with our realistic, interactive driving simulators. We offer unmatched variety in our virtual tracks for beginners, intermediates, and experts. We provide driving simulators for events, intimate racing experiences and sell high-quality car racing simulators for your home. 

Our high-tech car racing simulators looks and feel like the inside of cars you’d see on a real track. The setup replicates what the pros use, which is why our high-end racing simulators are also a trusted choice for real race car driver training. We proudly offer a range of simulators with high-class features and professional-level styling. You can further customise your race car simulator setup with components like steering wheels, chassis, and more. 

What Racing Simulators do we offer?

Our fleet of car simulators for sale that we offer is impressive with Kiwi Simulators. Here’s the range:

Hybrid Racing Simulators


The HRS P2Z simulator offers a GT or touring car seating position with easier access to the driver’s seat, providing a simulation experience for the real race driver, the enthusiast, or the serious e-sport racer that offers a very long product lifespan that may even surpass a real-life racing career.

Our simulators include a factory-built chassis with high-gloss paint and automotive decals for the ultimate in authenticity. Turn the professionally-styled wheel like you’re a Supercars champion and sink your feet onto brake and accelerator pedals with drilled pedal plates.

The buttons on the dashboard are programmable to personalise your race experience or to give you the edge over your competitors. You can also adjust the racing seat so you’re comfortable and ready to drive. The products available from Kiwi Simulators provide the ultimate in sim racing.

What Racetracks Are You Able to Experience?

The products available from Kiwi Simulators come with pre-installed sim racetracks appropriate for drivers of all experience levels. The simulator will retain information from your earlier sessions to give opportunities to improve your lap time and consistency. 

You have ultimate control of your racing simulator setup, so you can start with a beginner level course or switch to a more challenging experience as desired. It is easy to adapt the driving simulator for all users with options more suited to the speed and experience level of each driver. 

Whether you want to race like you’re in NASCAR, Supercars, IndyCars, or F1, or choose your favourite luxury vehicle brand from GT racing, you can race what you want where you want to - perfect for when your mates come over. Oh, the bragging rights there!!

What’s the Difference Between Racing Simulators and Sim Racing?

Sim racing refers to the different racing software titles whereas racing simulators refers to the racing simulation hardware that allows you to control the software, and hopefully your chosen race car too. The combination of the two makes the racing experience come alive and increases the immersion.

How Realistic Are Racing Simulators?

With Kiwi Simulators, our race sims are as real as real gets, and can’t be compared to playing racing games on the Xbox or PlayStation. With our sim racing experiences, you’ll put the pedal to the metal in a way that’s only replicated on real tracks. You will sit in a race car simulator that looks and feels like an authentic race car, using a racing-inspired steering wheel and a real-feeling accelerator and brake pedals. 

The only thing more realistic is getting on the track in a real car.