Rally Racing Experience

Rally Racing Experience

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How would you like a rally car racing experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, even on television or during a live race?

Kiwi Simulators is the leading supplier of rally driving simulator equipment in Auckland, New Zealand. As you sit behind the wheel, you’ll slide through a rally stage so lifelike you can almost taste the dust clouds that surround you - just like Possum Bourne or Sébastien Loeb. With large screen monitors, you’ll get a fully immersive experience on the rally stage of your choice.

Rally Racing Experience

Playing a rally car racing video game is one thing, but driving a rally car simulator is quite another. Sim racing is on a whole different planet than even the most popular video games. You’ll sit in a simulator complete with features such as a force-feedback steering wheel, authentic racing-style pedals, and even a handbrake for those tight “One Right or Left” hairpin corners.

You choose the course and the level of difficulty and then it’s time to make some dust and go rallying! Schedule a day of rallying fun for one or two people in our simulators. We will take our simulators anywhere in New Zealand for large groups, or we can host your intimate racing experience at our showroom in Manukau City, Auckland.

Whether you want an experience for just you and your friend, to host an unforgettable corporate event or enjoy the thrill of rally sim racing in your home, our team at Kiwi Simulators can make it happen. In addition to offering in-house rally simulator experiences with our Rally Experience gift vouchers, we can also provide your very own sim racing chassis with customisable components. so that you can have a rally car experience in the comfort of your own home, anytime you wish.

The Benefits of Rally Simulators vs. a Trackside Experience

If you’re lucky enough to have enjoyed a rally racing experience or two firsthand, these rally drive events are great, but driving in a rally simulator at Kiwi Simulators is far better, and also far less risky.

The biggest benefit is that you get to drive instead of wistfully watching the action from the sidelines. During a rally experience, all the driving is usually left to the pros. It’s thrilling sitting in the passenger seat next to a real rally driver, but you yearn for something more. We’re ready to make that happen as you tear up the gravel in a rally simulator.

As if that wasn’t great enough, driving a rally simulator saves you the time and effort of having to commute to the rally event.

What Does the Rally Racing Simulator Package Include?

New Zealand race enthusiasts can’t get enough of our simulated racing at Kiwi Simulators. If you want to join us, we offer a complete rally racing simulator package. We have 3 best in class products which are suited for 1 to 2 people:

  • 1 hour session broken down into 2x 20-30 minute runs
  • 2 hour sessions broken down into 4x 20-30 minute runs
  • 1:1 Coaching from experienced race car drivers

If you are part of a larger group please get in touch to discuss your options and a customisable quote.

What Are the Best Rally Car Simulators?

You want only the best rally car simulators, and we’ve got them at Kiwi Simulators. We offer a range of simulator options that are perfectly suited to rally driving, whether you’re a fan, a passionate enthusiast, or even a rally driver looking for a competitive advantage training simulator.

What Are the Best Rally Stages?

Kiwi Simulators’ rally sim equipment includes all the best rally stages from New Zealand and around the world that you might want and these are preloaded into our high-spec gaming PCs.. Our stages are designed to suit a range of driving skills and experience from beginners to experts and everyone in between. Even the 9-times WRC World Rally Champion, Sébastien Loeb has tried one of our simulators and he was impressed!

Challenge your friends or challenge yourself to see who can get the fastest time on our huge variety of virtual rally stages for all ages and skill levels.

Can I Experience Racing a Rally Car?

If you want to experience the fun of racing a rally car anytime, you’re not limited to our rally simulator for hire. Ask about our rally simulators for sale, all of which can come with a range of customisable components. Kiwi Simulators’ allows you to own your very own rally racing simulator, complete with a range of accessories to enjoy whenever you want. Why not make the man cave complete?

To learn about our Rally simulators for sale, give us a call or send us an email