Stag Party

Stag Party

Your friend is getting married soon and this is their last chance to have fun as a single man. You’re trying to come up with ideas for a stag-do that will blow the bachelor away. It sounds like a day of racing fun with Kiwi Simulators is just what the soon-to-be-groom needs.

Kiwi Simulators is a leading producer of racing sim equipment in Auckland. When you sit in our racing simulators, the realism is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before, including playing a racing video game or even having a trackside experience. Planning stag-do activities in Auckland (or anywhere in New Zealand) with one to four of our racing simulators will make you the most popular best man among your friends.

Car Simulators at Stag Parties

You don’t want to do the same-old, same-old stag party activities, which is why Kiwi Simulators is the perfect choice for your mate’s stag party. We’ll bring the racing fun to you with up to four car simulators available at a time. We can help you decide how long your sim racing experience should be and how many Hyper Stimulator sim racers you should hire.

The car simulators at Kiwi Simulators look and drive like the real deal. With their sporty decals, glossy automotive paint, and bright colours, our range of simulators is sure to impress.

Surrounding you as you drive are several screens so you can see the track from all sides. As you turn our forced-feedback steering wheel and depress real pedals, you’ll feel like a racing superstar.

At Kiwi Simulators, we know that not everyone is aspiring to be a professional driver. It’s more about having fun, and that’s why our courses and race simulators are designed for different experience levels. Even if you’re a complete beginner, you can still have a blast. Our racing simulators can be adjusted between drivers for a comfortable and tailored experience!

What Does a Stag Party Package Include?

Here at Kiwi Simulators, we want your stag party to be the best it can be. Our stag party packages are part of the reason we’ve been voted as one of the top racecar simulators in the world by Sim Race Magazine. You can hire up to 4 of our Hyper Stimulator sim racers, delivered to your home or venue and accompanied by operators to handle set up, orientation, and questions or issues during use.

What Kind of Car Racing Simulators Can I Hire for my stag party?

Are you ready to race? Kiwi Simulators offer the most realistic VR sim-racing experience you can get. Our Hyper Stimulator racing sim vehicles and software are for beginner or intermediate drivers. As you gear up for your sim race at Kiwi Simulators, you can select from different skill levels and tracks for an experience customised to each driver.

How Many People Can Drive for a stag party?

Solo drivers and groups can use our race simulators. If your mate has a large groom’s party, you can hire up to four of our Hyper Stimulators.

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