Are you looking for the perfect gift for a sibling, friend, or even a colleague? Rather than buy them another gift card, give them what they really want, a motor racing experience with Kiwi Simulators.

Kiwi Simulators New Zealand provides sim racing experiences that will make anyone’s year. Our range of innovative, high-quality race simulators uses the most advanced race control software to create a wholly realistic racing experience.

What Are Car Racing Experiences?

As high-def as today’s racing video games are, our motor racing experiences are far more immersive. You’ll sit in one of our factory-built race car simulators complete with high-gloss, painted panels on the chassis and sporty wings on some of the models. Multiple screens surround you so it’s easy to see the virtual racetrack from all angles.

Our race car simulators have an F1-style steering wheel complete  with programmable buttons. Also included in the simulator  is a sequential shifter, brake and accelerator pedals with drilled pedal plates, and the option of paddle gear shift.

The realism of our sim car racing experiences is unmatched. You feel like you’re really on the track, racing with the best. That makes a session of racing fun with Kiwi Simulators a fantastic gift for those looking for a motorsport experience.

Our race  car simulators are fully adjustable for big and small users alike, although they are really best suited to  adults only. You can shift either the seat or the pedals forward or backward so bodies as tall as 6 feet, 6 inches can race comfortably.

We want everyone to have a good time, which is why our racing simulators are customisable to any difficulty level. We even have  easier race circuits for those new to simulator racing or those who are making the jump from playing a video game to immersing themselves in the world of PC-based race car simulation.

The Benefits of Car Racing Simulators vs. a Trackside Experience

Why choose Kiwi Simulators’ car racing experiences over a day at the track? There are so many benefits to virtual sim racing that you won’t experience watching a live race.

For one, you don’t have to sit in traffic on the way to the event, nor do you have to deal with the crowds. Our car racing experience also costs less than the price of race tickets, merchandise, and overpriced food and drink.

The biggest perk by far of using our car racing simulators is that you get to have a firsthand racing experience rather than passively watching the pros drive. All along, you’re completely safe since you’re only doing simulated driving. 

Don’t just be a spectator, get your racing thrill by becoming a driver. 

What Do Our Racing Simulator Packages Include?

We have 3 best in class products that you will enjoy at our site.

  • 1 hour session broken down into 2x 20-30 minute runs
  • 2 hour sessions broken down into 4x 20-30 minute runs
  • 1:1 Coaching from experienced race car drivers

Your experience will depend on what session you decide to take. All of them will involve a general introduction  and setup information which will make you feel confident and comfortable to commence your adrenaline-pumping experience. 

  • Introduction - get a race briefing, physical fitting and control explanation
  • Track & car familiarisation – our driver coach will explain your chosen race circuit, what to look out for, and how to learn the circuit to run the best time you possibly can
  • First session - It’s time to head out of the pits and on to the race circuit
  • Debrief – Take a racing break, and discuss your session
  • Second session - which will allow you to beat your previous race time
  • One sim assigned to one person for whole session

Our in-house sim racing experience is designed for just one or two drivers, but you can also purchase a sim racing rig from Kiwi Simulators for use anytime in your own home.

Where Can I Have Car Racing Experiences?

Our simulators are so immersive that it doesn’t matter where you have your experience. Three large screens and the full racing simulator rig transport you into the race rack. You can have authentic, adrenaline-pumping simulated car racing experiences at our facility. 

How Much Do Car Racing Experiences Cost?

Kiwi Simulators offers a variety of packages that suit any budget. 

  • Please get in contact via 0800 497 377 to book a date to redeem your voucher

Purchase your experience at our facilities NOW!