Racing Simulator Cockpits

Are you ready to hop into the most realistic racing simulator cockpit you’ve ever seen? The Kiwi Simulators racing chassis options provide all the features you need for your kit. 

The engineering and high-level design that went into building the chassis ensures only the highest-quality features, such as adjustable seat positioning, pedals from Heusinkveld that mount on the pedal tray, and single or triple screens.

What Are Car Simulator Cockpits?

The car racing cockpits available at Kiwi Simulators will transform your sim driving experience and make you swear you’re on the real race track. The rigid construction of the chassis ensures strength and toughness for your longest races yet.

The proper racing seat, of which you can choose the size and brand, will fit you like a glove. Our team can outfit your chassis with a single screen or triple screens if you want to see more of the virtual racetrack around you. There is some customisation for screen positioning available on our chassis range. 

The Kiwi Simulators sim racing chassis is compatible with Direct Drive wheels such as the Bodnar 50 Series, MiGE OSW, and the SimuCube 2.

Why Buy a Racing Cockpit?

Are you interested in a racing sim racing cockpit for sale? Owning a sim racing rig chassis is sure to make you the envy of your friends, maybe even the neighbourhood. Buying a customised racing cockpit also allows you to outfit your new sim racing rig to resemble your own luxury car or those of your dreams.

Anytime you want to experience the incredible thrills of racing, you don’t have to turn on the TV to watch a race or even play a racing video game. You can climb into your simulator cockpit, rev your (virtual) engines, and get your fill of in-person racing excitement right within your own home.

You’ll have countless hours of racing excitement in a Kiwi Simulators race car simulator.  

What Are the Best Cockpits for a Car Simulator?

The best cockpits for a car simulator are right here at Kiwi Simulators. 

  • Next Level Racing GTElite – Ford GT Edition
  • Next Level Racing GTElite Lite
  • Next Level Racing Go Kart Plus
  • Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160
  • Hyper Stimulator turn-key non motion.
  • Hyper Stimulator turn-key motion.
  • HRS P2-Z chassis turn-key.
  • HRS P2-Z chassis turn-key motion.

Our team has over 25 years of combined research put into the development of the Hyper Stimulator sim racers. The F1 stylings will captivate while the high-gloss automotive finish on the chassis makes this vehicle look sleek and mean. You can customise the exterior of the racer as well to match the luxury or real racing vehicle of your preference.

With MDF construction, motion-compatible features, custom livery and chassis colours, and CNC-machined steel support plating, our racing simulator cockpit for sale has everything you need. You can even use all your favourite wheelbases such as Fanatec, Bodnar, MiGE, SimuCube, Thrustmaster, and Logitech.

How Do Car Simulator Cockpits Work?

When you strap yourself into a Kiwi Simulators car simulator cockpit, how does the whole thing work? The cockpit has many features you can customize before the race starts. That includes your seat angle as well as the programmable dashboard.

You select your course and then start racing. The cockpit includes many accessories you’ll use throughout your race, from an ARB and sequential shifter to a Heusinkveld handbrake.

How Are Racing Simulators Installed?

Most racing simulator cockpit accessories are mountable inside the simulator chassis. For example, the chassis supports a variety of Direct Drive wheels, and you can mount Heusinkveld pedals right on the chassis pedal tray without the need for extra materials.

How Big Are Racing Simulators?

The racing simulators available at Kiwi Simulators are sized for drivers of all sizes, up to 6-foot 6-inch height. The Hyper Stimulator length with stage is 1,820 millimetres. Its length without the stage is 1,790 millimetres.

The chassis is 1,660 millimetres wide with the stage and 860 millimetres wide without it. The height of the Hyper Stimulator with the stage is 1,040 millimetres and only 900 millimetres without the stage.

When deciding where in your home you have space to install one of our racing simulators, make sure you still have space to move around the room after it has been installed.

How Much Do Racing Simulators Cost?

The prices of racing simulators through Kiwi Simulators start at $13,995. 

Ask our team today about your options.

What Warranties Do You Have on Your Racing Simulators?

All racing simulators available at Kiwi Simulators are covered under a comprehensive warranty. We know that investing in a racing simulator is a big decision, so we want to put your mind at ease.

Additional Features for Racing Simulators

Here is an overview of the additional features of Kiwi Simulators’ sim chassis racing rig:

  •     Custom racing seat
  •     Optional shifter mount
  •     Adjustable feet
  •     CNC-machined steel support plating in custom colours
  •     Pedal positioning adjustments
  •     Steering wheel positioning adjustments
  •     Seat positioning adjustments