About Us

Welcome to Kiwi Simulators, provider of the latest state of the art race car simulators that includes professional racing controls.

Since 2001, Kiwi Simulators has designed and engineered the ultimate interactive race car driving experience. The world of extreme motorsport and racing is thrilling and we are excited to bring world-class simulators and racing experiences to you via our fully immersive race car simulators

Our fully customised simulator software can be adjusted for different skill levels ranging from beginner to seasoned  professionals and is used by elite drivers from different racing categories. The realistic simulation is not only a great training tool for real race car drivers but also for people seeking the next level racing experience that your Playstation or Xbox can’t offer.

Racing simulation takes racing games to the next level and this experience isn't just restricted to the in-store race experience or corporate events - You can purchase your very own race car simulator with varying features to give you the best simulator experience out there!