Sim Racing Wheels and Bases

Kiwi Simulators’ racing simulator steering wheels and wheel bases will make you feel like a racing superstar. Smooth, ultra-responsive and sleek looking, they will, as part of your sim racing cockpit, feel great in your hands and looks the part as well.

What Are Car Simulator Steering Wheel Bases?

Car simulator steering wheels bases are part of the simulator component range available at Kiwi Simulators. Our team has over 20 years of experience supplying sim racing equipment for the New Zealand market - we are the originator of race car simulation in New Zealand. The sim racing wheel bases on our simulators provide force-feedback to make you feel like you really are in the driver’s seat with every bump, slide, kerb and gear change being felt through the steering wheel. 

What Are Car Simulator Steering Wheels?

Unlike in a car racing video game, in which your finger guides a joystick to turn, you’ll appreciate being able to rotate a car simulator wheel for making wide turns or shorter, more sudden ones. The steering wheels offered by Kiwi Simulators for our racing simulators for sale offer a level of precision not seen with any other in-home racing experience.

What Are the Best Steering Wheels for a Car Simulator?

If you’re looking for the best sim racing wheels for a race car simulator, you are in the right place here at Kiwi Simulators. The racing simulator steering wheels equipped in our race car simulators are nearly all based on real-world race car steering wheels and have all the features you would expect including paddle shift for changing gears.

The extra precision you can achieve with a race car simulator steering wheel is all part of bringing the realism of driving to you. When combined with such high-quality accessories as racing pedals and a handbrake, you'll feel and drive like a real pro.

How Do Car Simulator Steering Wheels Work?

Here’s how our racing sim steering wheel works. A steering wheel of your choosing is mounted to the simulator. With a quick release or a locking pin, the steering wheel is installed securely in place. Then you climb into your simulator and you’re ready to race. 

What Racing Steering Wheel Brands Do We Stock?

The steering wheel brands available at Kiwi Simulators include HRS, a leading simulator brand globally. You can trust in the high quality of the sim racing wheels we stock.

Product Features of Our Racing Steering Wheels

The HRS GT8 Momo Mod.30 steering wheel can be custom-made to match your racing simulator. If you have personalised your racing simulator vehicle to match your own luxury model, this customised racing steering wheel is for you. The wheel features programmable buttons, a rotary encoder and a suede steering wheel grip with paddle shifters easily reachable for changing gears so that you are always in control, even if you race for hours.

Steering Systems Wheels and Steering Wheel Bases

We stock the Simucube 2 range of steering wheel bases, namely Sport, Pro and Ultimate models. 

We also stock a range of HRS steering wheels, namely the GT8 Momo Mod 30, and the GT8 Sparco P310.

We also recommend the HRS Xero-Play Quick Release V3 for your direct drive steering system. Designed to reduce frequencies and forces, the Quick Release V3 is made of a nearly unbreakable combination of stainless steel and 6061-grade billet aluminium. Refer to the product list supplied for information.