You love watching professional drivers drift, as it’s such a cool skill. With a racing simulator handbrake from industry leader Kiwi Simulators, rallying can feel nearly as satisfying as being on a real rally stage, giving you the same momentum as racing in the real world. 

Kiwi Simulators’ racing simulation components, especially our racing simulator handbrakes, give you the power to drift and feel the motion as you do. Now you can take your sim driving to the next level, passing that chequered flag before any other racer.

What Are Race Car Simulator Handbrakes

Race car simulator handbrakes are real components that you use to operate your simulator.

The handbrake is sensitive to your movements so you can rally like an expert. We can’t recommend outfitting your sim racing rig with a simulator handbrake enough. 

What Are the Best Handbrakes for Car Simulators?

If you’re searching for the best handbrakes for a car simulator, look no further than Kiwi Simulators. We’re the leading supplier of race car simulation equipment in New Zealand. 

If you are looking to buy a race car simulator handbrake, we have the most trusted and industry-leading brands in stock. 

How Do Race Car Simulator Handbrakes Work?

When you’re ready to put the pressure on your opponent during a race or rally, how do you use your racing sim handbrake? It’s easy. Put your hand on the handbrake handle and apply pressure. Our handbrakes are sensitive thanks to the built-in load cell technology, so the more heavy-handed you are, the more pressure you’ll apply.

With an adjustable lever, you can apply up to 37 pounds of force on the lever at a time. The firmness of the handbrake means it feels great in your grasp, and its high degree of responsiveness lets your simulator react to the handbrake motions in an instant.

What Racing Handbrake Brands Do We Stock?

The sim racing handbrake that we stock at Kiwi Simulators is none other than those from Heusinkveld.

Heusinkveld is a leading manufacturer of racing simulation accessories. Their sim handbrakes are built of tough stainless steel.

Our team gives you plenty of options for mounting your Heusinkveld handbrakes too. The included USB controller box lets you use the handbrake as a single analogue joystick axis or we can mount it to an adapter plate.

Either way, having a handbrake at the ready makes driving in our simulators that much more of a lifelike experience. As you rally with precision and roll up to the finish line with the fastest stage time, the sense of pride you’ll feel is unmatched.

It’s no wonder that real race car drivers frequently use our Kiwi Simulators equipment to practice in. It’s just as good as a real race vehicle, especially when you add professional-grade sim racing handbrakes. 

Product Features of Our Racing Handbrakes

The Heusinkveld sim handbrake is made by Heusinkveld Engineering to provide only the most premium product for your sim racing needs. The lever tilts up to 120 degrees and is highly flexible and adjustable. Analogue output responds directly to your input so sim racers can easily get the hang of this handbrake.

A gentle grip on the end of the handbrake prevents hand cramps and pain when gripping the handbrake. 

With different types of rubber included, you can customize the handbrake feel to your level of comfort. Its stainless steel body is built to last, even in the toughest sim racing conditions.  

Overload protection built into the load cells prevents your simulator from doing donuts when you want only a subtle drift.