Team Building

Team Building

You’re struggling with ideas for team building. The last few times you tried to bolster morale at the office, it fell flat. It sounds like you need office team-building activities that are outside of the norm, such as driving a race car simulator from Kiwi Simulators.

As the leading producer of racing simulation equipment in New Zealand, our simulated race experiences will certainly bring the office together. Your employees can race on teams or against each other for a day of fun no one will soon forget.

What Makes a Good Team-Building Experience?

Good team-building experiences are not easy to research or plan. You want to do something that will bring your employees closer together but isn’t painfully boring. Your quest for fun team building ideas ends at Kiwi Simulators.

Our racing simulation equipment is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’ll sit in a realistic cockpit complete with accessories and parts such as heavy-duty pedals, force-feedback steering wheels, and handbrakes for rallying.

It’s no wonder people call a day of racing with Kiwi Simulators as one of the best team building days they've experienced.

We’ll take the stress of transporting your office away and deliver up to four of our racing simulators straight to your door, including delivery, set-up, operation, and drive coaching for those who wish to better themselves or beat their rival co-workers. In essence, it is a full end-to-end, turn-key service that we provide. All that you, as our client, need to do is enjoy yourself and your time with your co-workers or customers.

Using Race Car Experiences for Team Building

A race car experience might seem like an unorthodox team-building method, but that’s why it works.

Your employees will have to learn to strategise and plan ahead if they want to win. When will they accelerate versus brake? When is the right time to pass another driver? Should they drift into that corner or slow down?

These instant decisions require each employee of your company to think on their feet. If your corporate members race as a team, then their decisions influence everyone’s outcome. Now that’s a team-building exercise that is both effective and entertaining.

What Does a Corporate Package Include?

Here at Kiwi Simulators, we want your team-building exercise to be the best it can be. Our corporate packages are part of the reason we’ve been voted as one of the top race car simulators in the world by Sim Race Magazine. We can deliver up to four racing simulators to your business location or hired event venue, accompanied by our sim professionals to create an easy and laid-back experience with more time for actual driving.

How Involved Are Groups During Car Racing Experiences?

Groups are very involved when engaging in a car racing experience with Kiwi Simulators.

We have a world-class simulator at your disposal in the form of Hyper Stimulator race car simulator. This is a perfect blend of a realistic and fun racing experience. As teams race against each other, they will learn to work together as a coherent group. This, as well as creating a sense of camaraderie, is the primary goal of team-building exercises and events.

Good Car Racing Simulator Competitions for Team Building

A little bit of competitive spirit is always a good thing. Sim racing competitions are formulated for different racing experience levels but will provide lots of fun along the way. If you want to build up teams within a contingent of actual drivers on your staff, a simulated racing experience can give them both entertainment and defensive driving practice.

The pre-programmed tracks and the quality of our racing simulation equipment are both so top-notch that professional drivers come through our doors all the time to practice for big races. Driving our simulators is both fun and educational, as your employees could learn driving skills that apply to real life.

Can I Hire a Car Racing Simulator for Team Building?

Kiwi Simulators offers racing simulators for hire for your team building event. By hiring a car racing simulator, you have a valuable tool for your team building at the office. Your employees will work together better than ever before.

We can customise the racing simulator with your own corporate logo, as well as the racing cars and trackside signage inside the software to really personalise your event.

Contact us today to book your experience.