Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

Last year’s birthday party was low-key, which is why this year, for the special someone in your life, you want to turn things up a notch. It doesn’t matter if that special someone is your spouse, partner, or best friend, sim racing experiences with Kiwi Simulators is the perfect way to spend a birthday.

Kiwi Simulators is the leading producer of sim racing equipment in Auckland. We can bring up to 4 simulators to your home or birthday venue to give you the best birthday experience you’ve ever had.

Car Simulators at your Birthday Party

Coming up with novel ideas for birthday parties can be tough, but at Kiwi Simulators, we’ll help you throw your friend or loved one a shindig they’ll never forget.

The car simulators at Kiwi Simulators will liven up any birthday party and will make those big celebratory 30th or 40th birthday occasions even more special. Each driver will get to personally experience the thrill of a lifetime in our simulators that can be easily adjusted for drivers of all skill levels and heights.

The racing simulators we offer at Kiwi Simulators look just like what the pros use. Aspiring professional drivers often use our simulators to practice for the real deal.

Even if the birthday guy or gal has experience with racing video games, our simulators at Kiwi Simulators will blow them away. Rather than use a controller, drivers turn a forced-feedback steering wheel. Plus, with real pedals, you can control your speed and when you brake.

We have race simulators for all levels of experience, so you can be sure everyone at the party will be lining up for a ride.

What Does a Birthday Package Include?

Here at Kiwi Simulators, we want your birthday party to be the best it can. Our birthday packages are part of the reason we’ve been voted as one of the top race car simulators in the world by Sim Race Magazine.

Our birthday party racing experience package brings our professional operators and up to four Hyper Stimulator sim racers to your home or other venue, depending on the potential number of drivers and other customisable factors.

What Types of Car Racing Simulators Can I Hire for My Birthday Party?

We have a world-class simulator at your disposal in the form of the Hyper Stimulator. This is a perfect blend of a realistic and fun racing experience that can be enjoyed in your own home or at a hired event venue.

How many people can drive for a birthday party?

Solo drivers and groups can use our race simulators. If you or your friend has a birthday party, you can hire up to four of our Hyper Stimulators at a venue of your choice.

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