Kiwi Simulators is the leading producer of simulated racing equipment, including sim racing shifters in H shifter and sequential shifter styles. The inclusion of a shifter lets you drive with the precision and skill you see in professional races right within your very own race simulator.

What Are Race Car Simulator Shifters?

Also known as the gear stick, a shifter allows you to switch between gears without a clutch. When you use a sim racing sequential shifter, you can make snap driving decisions while keeping your feet away from the clutch, or using it for authentic downshifts as a Supercar requires you to do.

You’ll enjoy better performance and more precision when you add a race simulator shifter to your driving simulator from Kiwi Simulators. 

What Are the Best Shifters for a Car Simulator?

At Kiwi Simulators, our premium sim racing equipment is the best of the best, including shifters and other accessories. When you sit in one of our racing simulators, you’ll hardly believe you’re not in a real racecar.

The other features of our simulators, including forced-feedback steering, adjustable handbrake, precision-cut brake and accelerator pedals, and a programmable dashboard further augment your experience. Putting the pedal to the metal has never been so satisfying.

How Do Car Simulator Shifters Work?

If you are looking to buy a shifter for your racing simulator we have two sim shifter styles. 

  • The sim racing H shifter features teeth that allow the gear’s cones to stick within a predetermined gear speed.
  • The sequential shifter lets you switch through all your gear options instantly while you shift down or up. You can make adjustments on the fly with ease, putting you in front of competitors.

In racing, it only takes a second for you to gain the lead or lose the advantage. The kind of quick-footed driving you can do with a sim racing shifter in a simulator from Kiwi Simulators will allow you to race to victory. 

What Racing Shifter Brands Do We Stock?

Kiwi Simulators proudly provides Jinx Shifters for all racing shifters in our simulators. Their sim racing sequential shifters are some of the best around. Not only does Jinx manufacture sequential shifters, but brake bias and ARB combos as well.

With a brake bias adjuster, you can alter your simulated race car’s performance in a major way, increasing your race car’s stability as the fuel load burns off or as the rain starts to fall, leaving the other competitor trailing behind you somewhere. When combined with a Jinx sequential shifter, now your sim racing setup is starting to look mean and serious.

The ARB adjuster with Jinx’s sequential shifter improves your race car’s balance so your race car glides easily across the track while handling better under brakes, through the corners, and when you accelerate. Other racers will never see you coming.

Product Features of Our Racing Shifters

The Jinx sequential shifter is made of durable silver-coated metal and offers customisation features so you can tune your shifter to suit your preference, or your real-world race car or luxury vehicle. The shifter mounts to flat surfaces and comes with a USB controller for PC connection.

With a nylon shifter knob or a polyurethane upgrade option for extra grip and feel, the control is at your fingertips. You can select from silver, black, or a customised colour to match your sporty personalised simulator.