At Kiwi Simulators, we’re the leading supplier of driving simulator pedals and equipment for sim racing. Our pedals allow you to accelerate and brake with precision so you can come out on top during your next simulator race.

What Are Car Simulator Pedals?

The racing simulator pedals we supply at Kiwi Simulators will take your sim racing experience to the next level. If you’re looking for the most realistic simulated racing experience you’ve ever had, wait until you get to use our race car simulator pedals with your Kiwi Simulator racing sim. 

Our racing simulator pedals are just like the accelerator and brake pedals you’d see in a real racecar, like those used in NASCAR, Formula One, Supercars, GT Racing and WRC Rally Cars. 

When you choose racing simulator pedals from Kiwi Simulators, you will feel the difference straight away. The precision and feeling from your new race car simulator pedals will allow you to make instant decisions when on the virtual track. Speed up, catch your opponent, or come to a sudden stop to avoid a collision up ahead, all with ease with our racing simulator pedal options. 

What Are the Best Pedals for Race Car Simulators?

If you’re looking for the best pedals for car simulators, you've found them at Kiwi Simulators. The pedals are included with our simulators feature, SmartControl software, and CNC laser-cut steel and an optional base plate mount. We also sell additional pedals and components to customize your sim racing experience. You’ll appreciate the precision braking and acceleration performance you can achieve with these pedals.

After all, when sim racing, just like in the real world, every second counts.

How Do Car Simulator Pedals Work?

Our car simulator pedals at Kiwi Simulators work the same way the pedals do in your car at home, so they're very natural and easy to become accustomed to. When you press on the accelerator, your vehicle will speed up on the virtual track. If you hit the brake, you’ll come to a stop, the speed of which depends on how firmly you press the pedal.

This is so much better than playing a racing video game, where you normally press a button on a controller to speed up or slow down. When your foot can press real pedals, you can plan a much more precise driving strategy that could propel you to victory.

What Racing Pedal Brands Do We Stock?

There is a range of racing pedals available at Kiwi Simulators including Heusinkveld, Asetek, Thrustmaster and Moza.

Ask about our pedal options when buying one of our racing simulators or if you’re looking to upgrade your existing pedals or to add some to your sim rig.

Product Features of Our Racing Pedals

The Heusinkveld Sim Pedal Ultimates come with up to three pedals for clutch, braking, and accelerating. The curved pedals are available with or without a baseplate. The Ultimates connect to a 12-bit USB control module to provide up to 136 kg of brake force and 45kg of clutch force.

Hydraulic damping per pedal as well as pedal force and pedal geometry adjustments give you room to configure your pedal setup with our racing simulators. The CNC laser-cut stainless steel used to make the Ultimates will last for many sim races ahead.

The Heusinkveld Sim Pedal Sprints are flat pedals. You can again choose between clutch, braking, and accelerating pedals. The included SmartControl software makes driving a breeze while pedal geometry adjustments give you the ability to make instant changes to your pedal pressure curve and dead zones. 

The laser-cut stainless steel of the Sprints has a powder-coat finish for durability in RAL7016 Anthracite Grey.