V8 Supercar Experience

V8 Supercar Experience

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You can’t get enough action and excitement by watching V8 Supercar races at home, but why sit on the couch when you can have a Supercar driving experience? At Kiwi Simulators, we give you an opportunity you’ve always longed for – the chance to drive a Supercar experience.

Kiwi Simulators is your choice for a Supercar driving experience in NZ. You’ll sit in a race vehicle outfitted to look like a real Supercar, choose a virtual track, and you’re ready to drive. Our V8 Supercar simulators are so lifelike that you won’t believe you’re not driving for real.

What Are V8 Supercar Experiences?

At Kiwi Simulators, New Zealand’s leading supplier of lifelike race car simulators and simulation equipment, our V8 race car experience is out of this world! You’ll race in one of our fleet of impressive race car simulators. The V8 Supercar experience can be had by one or two people in our showroom or we can bring the equipment to your location anywhere in New Zealand for a group activity or event. Either way, you’ll enjoy the most sophisticated sim racing technology for an experience like no other.

The Benefits of V8 Racing Simulators vs. Trackside Experiences

Have you ever seen a V8 Supercar race in real life? Maybe that’s what got you hooked on V8’s. Our sim racers at Kiwi Simulators are even better than watching a race, and make the perfect gift or reward. There are a lot of perks to a weekend supercar driving experience, overtaking your mates to the track.

First, you don’t have to pay for parking like you would at the track. There’s no overpriced food and drink here and the racing experience you get can be fully customised to your absolute desire.

And, of course, the biggest benefit of your session is you’re in the driver’s seat, and we mean that literally! What is better - racing or watching someone else race? Sim racing in our V8 Supercar is the clear winner.

Whether you’re watching a race or you paid to have a professional V8 driver take you around the track, you don’t get to drive. You just sit in the passenger’s side watching. Our racing sims give you lifelike driving power as you’ve never tasted before.

What Does the V8 Racing Simulator Package Include?

New Zealand race enthusiasts can’t get enough of our simulated racing at Kiwi Simulators. If you want to join us, we offer a complete V8 Supercar racing simulator package. We have 3 best in class products which are suited for 1 to 2 people:

  • 1 hour session broken down into 2x 20-30 minute runs
  • 2 hour sessions broken down into 4x 20-30 minute runs
  • 1:1 Coaching from experienced race car drivers

If you are part of a larger group please get in touch to discuss your options and a customisable quote.

What Are the Best V8 Supercar Simulators?

Are you looking for the best V8 Supercar simulators, ones that are so realistic it makes you feel you are driving on an actual track? You’ve found it here at Kiwi Simulators. Our New Zealand sim car racing experiences attract drivers of all ages and skill levels.

Those who have a true passion for motorsports are always blown away by the realism of our Supercar simulators. You too can feel like a V8 champion by scheduling a simulator ride with Kiwi Simulators.

What Are the Best V8 Supercar Tracks?

You want the best of the best V8 Supercar tracks, and we’ve got them at Kiwi Simulators. Our range of legendary tracks are designed for a range of skill levels, or to make your dream drive experience come true. If you consider yourself quite a seasoned veteran, we have some tracks that will challenge your skills in the most enjoyable way possible and we can make the handling of the race car even closer to the real thing if your right foot is delicate enough.

Can I Buy a V8 Supercar Simulator?

Wouldn’t it be best to own a V8 Supercar simulator? It doesn’t have to be a dream anymore with our in-home racing simulators. Our V8 Supercar simulators can be purchased as a full racing simulator rig for your personal enjoyment anytime you wish. A race car simulator is the ultimate man cave accessory!

To learn about our V8 Supercar simulators for sale, give us a call or send us an email