DIY Racing Simulator

Kiwi Simulators is a premium provider of DIY racing simulators for fans of motorsports and fast luxury cars. Beginners and seasoned drivers alike can sharpen their skills with our larger-than-life racing sim equipment which has all the thrills of track racing.

What Is a DIY Racing Simulator Rig?

A racing simulator rig is the hardware and software that creates a wholly engaging and incredible racing experience. Our race simulator rigs can be fully customised to match any luxury vehicle or for personal preference.

With Kiwi Simulators, our racing simulator rigs replicate a range of real race cars and immerse you through high definition monitors. This high-tech equipment is lifelike in every single way, immersing you into the high-speeds, high-thrills world of racing in a way that you’ve never been before.

Our racing simulator rigs are not comparable to any gaming exposure you may have had in the past. Much more than a video game, these high-end products and the software that they run give you an experience that rivals any you may have had to date. 

How do I Purchase a Racing Simulator for Personal Use?

If you can’t get enough of simulated racing, Kiwi Simulators have a range of market-leading race simulators for sale. You can own the high-quality, high-tech equipment that the pros favour, updating your configuration from time to time to keep things interesting. 

Choose from one of our three race vehicles and customize the features you want with components like cockpits, pedals, and steering wheels. 

With Kiwi Simulators, we pride ourselves on the durability of our sim racing equipment. Our race vehicles also have an unmatched sense of style that lends itself well to simulated racing.

Build vs. Buying a Racing Simulator Cockpit

Our range of purchasable race vehicle equipment available with Kiwi Simulators makes it easy to build your cockpit according to your budget and preferences for your DIY racing simulator. Cockpits can be customized with colours and decals of your choice thus linking it to your brand of luxury car, race team or company branding. 

Challenger Racer

Our entry-level simulator cockpit that’s perfect for beginners. The Challenge Racer is a chassis kit that features a black fibreglass racing seat and a drilled and pre-cut MDF chassis. You can select a colour to paint the chassis from virtually any colour under the sun and add stickers and decals to make a race vehicle that’s truly your own.

You can also choose our adjustable mounting bracket and hardware kit. We recommend this if you plan to add third-party pedals and/or steering to your DIY racing simulator.

GP Racer

This is a standout pick with Kiwi Simulators. This factory-built racing vehicle includes a variety of features, from drilled pedal plates to a heel plate, a black fibreglass racing seat, brake and accelerator pedals, stainless steel gear flippers, and an F1-style steering wheel.

The chassis is available in two high-gloss factory automotive paint colours, Race Black or Rosso Red. You can also request other colours for customisation by contacting Kiwi Simulators. The chassis comes complete with a two-pack finish and decals. The GP Racer simulator even lets you choose between paddle shift or a sequential gear lever, depending on your race car choice.

Extreme Racer 

This requires the least amount of building. It’s also our most premium race vehicle by Kiwi Simulators. Included in this factory-assembled vehicle are all the features above as well as a sequential shifter, programmable buttons, a carbon fibre race seat, and carbon fibre elbow covers.