VR Racing Simulator

Bringing the heart-pumping thrills of racing closer to home is easy with our VR racing car simulators through Kiwi Simulators. Our premium equipment is like sitting behind the wheel of a real Formula One car, making our racing sims far superior to other at-home racing entertainment experiences. 

What Are VR Racing Simulators?

VR racing sims combine the excitement of a virtual racing experience with the unmatched high-octane fun of driving. Our race vehicles look and feel like the real deal, especially our Extreme Racer. This is for the true racing fan who wants to feel like a V8 Supercar champion from the comfort of their own home.

Rather than wearing a VR headset, our sim racers make use of multiple big-screen monitors to give you the full experience. Headsets can cause motion sickness, lags between head movements and the change in visuals, and blinders don’t give you the full experience. Big screens allow you to see the track as you would if you were really behind the wheel.

The entire experience is so exhilarating that the only comparison is being on a real racetrack. Rather than watch live racecar drivers have all the fun, you’ll be able to feel as though you are right there on the track with your favourite racers.

What Does a VR Racing Setup Look Like?

Our VR racing setups with Kiwi Simulators provide a level of realism that is far above other sim racing options. 

First, you can select from our fleet of pre-built race vehicles. There’s the Challenger Racer for beginners who like to keep it simple, the GP Racer for the more seasoned driver, and then the Extreme Racer for those who demand the greatest level of realism.

Sit in a carbon fibre racing seat and drink in the beauty of the factory-assembled colourful chassis in hues like Race Black or Rosso Red. The multiple chassis options have sporty decals and a stylish rear wing.

Turn the F1-style steering wheel to victory, pressing on the rear brake and accelerator pedals. Stainless steel gear flippers and a programmable black dashboard lend your sim racing experience that much more authenticity.

Other features of our race vehicles are braided hoses, drilled pedal plates, black heel plates, and carbon fibre elbow covers. No other simulated racer can compare to the innovative technology and life-like experience of our sim racers. 

Finally, several large screens will surround you so you can see the virtual track in all its glory. When you install a VR racing sim experience from Kiwi Simulators in your home, you’ll be able to compete with other racers to see who has the fastest lap times and other metrics. 

How Realistic Are VR Racing Simulators?

With Kiwi Simulators, our leading VR racing simulators are much more realistic than your average VR headset experience. VR technology combined with realistic equipment and large screens has allowed our racing sims to become more immersive than ever. You can even customise your racing simulator to match your own luxury or racing vehicle.

This amazing sensation is achieved through our high-quality racing equipment, including the lifelike race vehicles and our racing sim hardware and software. As you press on the accelerator and navigate with a steering wheel as the real Formula One pros use, the excitement you’ll experience is unlike any other.

Even aspiring professional drivers use our equipment as a driving test simulator. Whether you’re interested in manual car driver training or racing for fun, you’ll always have a memorable experience with Kiwi Simulators. 

How Do VR Racing Simulators Compare to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation VR Racing?

If you love racing, you probably own all the latest video game titles for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5, including Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo Sport, Wreckfest, and Dirt. These video games really let you live out your dreams of becoming a champion race car driver.

Yet even today’s next-gen consoles like the PS5 or the Xbox One can’t compare with Kiwi Simulators’ VR racing simulators. When you install one of our advanced racing sims, you get to sit in a sleek race vehicle of your choosing. Playing a racing game on your sofa with a controller in your hand is not going to give you nearly the same experience as our sophisticated technology.

When you want to accelerate or decelerate in a video game, you simply press a button, and that’s not very realistic either. Our race vehicles have a real accelerator and brake pedals that let you plan your degree of speed or stopping so you can drive with more precision.

Video games also offer only one screen, but with Kiwi Simulators we surround you with large screens to get a fully immersive racing experience. Unlike video games or VR headsets, you can easily see your opponents and the track in front and around you.

We saved the best part of our VR racing setups for last. There is nothing realistic about holding a bulky game controller or mouse, but when you wrap your hands around that race-quality steering wheel you’ll experience responsive steering and easier drifting like no other.